Rreth Nesh

Italiano Vero Restaurant

Chef Mauro Zuccano comes from a wealth of experience in Italy and the US as well as the MSC CROCIERE Grocers. With titles of world and Italian excellence as well as Italian name Hotels, Even the most popular Italian newspapers talk about it, filling their home pages. This is also illustrated by photos of newspapers talking about chef Mauro. Next on this staff is also Chef Giacomo with a multinational experience and here in Tirana has given full capabilities to the most prestigious restaurants. As one of the best waitresses in Tirana, Xeni is the waitress who knows all the selected clients of some of the most renowned restaurants. This is a wonderful and specialized staff with a broad European culture!!.

  • Ne shërbejmë ushqimin më të mirë në qytet.
  • Gatimet më të mira të peshkut dhe mishit
  • Shërbim i shpejtë dhe i këndshëm.
  • Prioriteti ynë, Klientë të kenaqur.